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Develop agile business growth strategies though implementing improved management systems and digital sales channels for clients and partners.

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Social Engagement

We can help you spread the word about your business and your brand further with clever digital campaigns that go viral to comprehensive digital strategies that optimize your message and improve customer engagement. Our team can generate keyword optimized content and graphics in support of your marketing plan and help support your social and email campaigns. If you’re looking to increase your reach through social media and mobile advertising campaigns we can help with geo fencing, loyalty programs, and cross platform solutions that save you time and money when growing your business.

Marketing Services

marketing method of approach
method of approach

Digital Media and Social Marketing

Magnitude is a boutique digital marketing agency serving the Tucson, Phoenix, and Los Angeles markets. We create actionable plans that align your efforts and unite your brand messaging across social and media platforms. We start with design and messaging and customize your voice based on your business objectives to create customer campaigns. Successful business growth strategies begin with a comprehensive communications plan and brand guidelines. How your organization is perceived is an intentional set of actions that you can take to influence customer loyalty. From content to graphics your ecommerce plan can function better with the proper execution. Learn more about our specific service areas and contact us to discuss your digital strategy.

Advertising Agency - Search Engine Marketing

Advertising Agency - Search Engine Marketing

Your marketing mix may be a combination of traditional media and new media. Traditional media is print, radio, television, magazines, billboards and mailers where as new media has become a far more complex data driven industry that utilizes analytics, split testing and optimized conversion funnels to drive Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS). As a creative agency we know that the better your engagement quotient the lower your advertising cost can be per sales conversion. Optimizing search engine ads with Bing, Google, DuckDuckGo and shopping engine sites is critical to decreasing your cost per thousand impressions (CPM), Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Action (CPA).

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"Magnitude Management makes makes doing business super easy! I want to focus on business, not books, marketing, web presence, etc. They handle it all and with the increase in revenue, their services pay for themselves!"

Justin Ellis