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Market Development - Do your research

Market Development

Magnitude is a Marketing and Advertising company with offices in Tucson, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. We specialize in market development, paid search, SEO, startup support, digital advertising, display advertising, SMM, and review monitoring.

What is Market Development?

Market development is an attempt to increase sales through further market segmentation, so companies don’t have to look for a new market. Specifically, it means finding new prospects through market research in new segments or targeting non-buying customers in the same market segments. The success of market development rests on creating good promotional strategies and building great marketing campaigns.

Market Development - Choose the right strategy

Choosing the right strategy for your business

Building new products and services can take years, and it can be costly for companies. Therefore, many brands prefer to invest in developing the market rather than building something from scratch. Besides, market development doesn’t just limit the risk of loss, but it also comes with the benefit of already having some of the promotional tools needed for marketing campaigns.

A few tips for building a great market development plan

In this case, a great plan starts with an in-depth analysis of how your company does business. In short, you have to know what your strong and weak points are, what market segments you target, what your competition targets, and which customers don’t buy and why. Furthermore, the development of a plan to enter a new market takes time, so arm yourself with patience and use the opportunity to analyze each factor thoroughly.

Do your research

You want to make sure your plan is flawless, but how do you know what to begin with? “It starts with market research.” Find out what segments are worth investing in. You can discover whose needs your product or service could meet through questionnaires and feedback surveys. This way, you leave no space for second-guessing and make sure your time and money are well invested.

Market Development - Do your research

Analyze your data

Find your customers

When you are done with research, choose your market segment and make a profile of your customer. Know where he lives, what he wants, and how much he is willing to spend. This information will help you know his preferences, price your product, and choose proper advertising channels.

Adapt your strategy

It can be difficult to want to change a strategy after it has been worked on for months, even years. However, success when entering a new market heavily depends on how quick you are capable of recognizing and correct flaws. Stay informed and don’t hesitate to take action when the opportunity to improve your strategy presents itself.

Market Development - Adapt your strategy

Improve your strategy

Why should you use our services for your next project?

Building a solid market development plan can be difficult, but we are here to guide you through it. If you need help with planning your next move or advertising your products and services, we’d be happy to discuss your project needs with you. Our team can also write your business plan or develop your advertising campaign. Contact us, and we can talk about the details of your journey.


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