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Review Marketing - Feedback matters

Review Marketing

Magnitude is a marketing and advertising company with offices in Tucson, Phoenix, and LA. We specialize in review marketing, reputation management, paid search, SEO, landing page optimization, product advertising, SMM, and review monitoring.

What is Review Marketing?

Review marketing is defined as the use of customer feedback to increase sales, improve brand perception, attract and convert more leads. Customer feedback has been used for advertising purposes for many years. Besides, this is by far one of the most powerful tools you can use to attract more customers and increase brand loyalty.

Review Marketing - Word of mouth is the best advertising there is

Word of mouth is the best advertising there is

Why are customer reviews that useful? It might be because we are wired to talk about the good and bad things happening in our lives or because it helps us make buying decisions. However, we know that as much as “88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.” In today’s world, when more and more people spend time online and use the internet to look for most things they need, reviews are a powerful tool.

A few tips for a good review marketing strategy

Customer feedback is a great way to improve your business performance. Firstly, feedback informs you of what customers like or don’t like. Moreover, it gives you the chance to use that feedback to attract more prospects. Here are some tips to help you use customer reviews to market your business.

Star rating

Whether you sell products online or not, your business will be evaluated by your customers. Moreover, they will be talking about their experience with other people, on social media, and leave you reviews wherever they can find your business active. The thing is, most people won’t even consider your products or services if your star rating isn’t high enough. If you want to use reviews to advertise your business, do your best to have it rated at least three stars.

Review Marketing - A good star rating will attract more customers

A good star rating will attract more customers

Review quality

Real customers leave unique feedback, have a distinct tone, make grammar mistakes, and often give negative feedback. Thus, if you want to be successful using reviews in your campaign, you have to get them from real customers. However, fake reviews are way too often the go-to option for marketers when they want to save money and improve their brand image. Yet, that doesn’t make them a good choice.

Review quantity

Potential customers always look at reviews as trustworthy information about your company. As a result, when it comes to reviews, more is better. An educated buyer will always look for the ups and downs of your product and the way you solve problems. However, when there are only a few reviews that recommend your business, there won’t be enough information to make a decision.

Review Marketing - Feedback matters

Feedback matters in review marketing

Why should you choose us for your next project?

Socially responsible businesses are growing more quickly than ever before with increased customer transparency into your business. Brand perception, reputation management, and customer reviews are at the heart of sales conversions and ultimately your success. We think total business. Our experienced professionals will be happy to help you find the best review marketing strategies. Contact us to set up a free consultation where we can talk about the details of your project.


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