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Google Custom Audiences - Rip the benefits of choosing the right audience

Google Custom Audiences

Magnitude is a Tucson brand marketing, public relations, and interactive agency. Our services include Google custom audiences, ad campaigns, web content, analytics, mobile-first design, and social media marketing solutions in both digital and print.

What are Google Custom Audiences?

Google custom audiences involve targeting of groups of people that intend to buy your products in the near future. Also referred to as custom intent audiences, they “allow you to reach the ideal audience for your business.” In other words, they allow you to build audiences by targeting them during the research and decision-making process. Thus, this approach is used to help drive conversion and qualified leads.

Google Custom Audiences - Rip the benefits of choosing the right audience

Enjoy the benefits of choosing your ideal audience

Moreover, there are two types of Google custom intent audiences. You can either create your own custom audience or automate it – a strategy based on an existing audience and keywords. It is recommended that you use the first if you have some level of experience, but the second one already offers a few options and is great if you are short on time and resources.

Tips on how to use Google custom audiences

Google custom audiences are a great set of tools that can help you increase your sales by targeting and reaching the right audience. In essence, it is a shortcut to better conversions. And the best part, they are easy to use. Here are some tips to help you understand how to use custom audiences in your advertising campaigns.

Google Custom Audiences - The right audience will help you increase sales

The right audience will help you increase sales

Do some research

Researching before you pay for your first Google custom audience campaign is the best way to get started. Find out what keywords, URLs, apps and YouTube content is the center of attention. These are the elements that will make your audience ready to invest some time in the campaign.

Keywords insight

Keywords and URL’s are at the center of your campaign, so make sure you choose relevant ones. They have to reflect your products and services you are trying to sell. You can also use Google keyword planner if this doesn’t work for you. However, the key is to think of all the main terms and alternative terms your audience might be using to search for your product.

Google Custom Audiences - Your audience is your best asset

Your audience is your best asset

Use the URL’s wise

URL’s have to be related to what you are selling. This helps Google recognize common threads and find the ideal consumers for your product. Avoid using URLs that require a sign-in to an account and go with standard accessible URLs such as product pages.

Why should you choose us for your next project?

Magnitude is a full-service digital marketing agency with experience in everything from Google custom audiences and analytics to public relations and new media. Furthermore, we work with select partners to grow online sales channels through marketing efforts. In addition, we consult with hundreds of Tucson based brands on web, media creation, and marketing projects. We would like to know more about your project, so don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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