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Account based marketing is a B2B approach

Account Based Marketing

Magnitude is a marketing and advertising company with offices in Tucson, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. In particular, we offer services in paid search, SEO, SMM, content marketing, digital marketing, content creation, and account based marketing.

What is Account Based Marketing?

When it comes to B2B marketing approaches, they tend to target a vast audience in their campaigns. However, even when their goal is to cover as many companies as possible, they might still fail to deliver a strong message to any of them. Unlike traditional one-to-many approach, in account-based marketing strategy, “key business accounts are marketed to directly, as units of one.” This strategy is part of ABM. It targets specific needs of stakeholders within brands that could bring profits to the business.

Account based marketing is a B2B approach

Account based marketing is a B2B approach

While ABM might not be suitable for every company, its results for brands so far have been great. The strategy seems to increase ROI significantly, possibly even more than other tactics. Moreover, because of its customized nature, your audience is more likely to engage with the messages directed specifically to them. So finally, there is software that allows you to automate marketing, which makes it easier to handle on a daily basis.

A few tips on how to create a good ABM strategy

ABM is an excellent strategy to up your business game. However, most likely it is very different from any marketing practices you have used before. As a result, you should be ready to learn new tactics to target individual organizations. Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Identify your targets

When you are just starting in account-based marketing, it is important to remember that your targets are not individuals, but companies instead. Firstly, you’ll need to research such aspects as annual revenues, general company info, market influence, and potential profit margin. Furthermore, after you create a list of high-value accounts, gather in-depth info about their structure and significant stakeholders. This way, you can design your message to be more relevant to them.

Targeting organizations and stakeholders in account based marketing

Targeting brands and stakeholders

Run the campaign

While creating content for your new campaign, always remember that your business targets another business. That’s why you’ll need to focus that content on single deals that your company would like to make with their brand. Next, choose media channels for your campaign by doing further research on your prospective buyers’ habits. Moreover, finally, run your campaign.

Evaluate the result

It’s a waste of time to run a campaign if you don’t know what business it brings. Are your customers engaging with the messages? Are they bringing revenues to your company? Use available software to measure the results of your ABM strategy and see whether and how it works for your brand.

Measure progress and evaluate results - account based marketing

Measure results

Why should you work with us on your next project?

ABM is a trend that only keeps growing. As a result, it’s essential to keep up with the best marketing tactics. Magnitude works with top brands to track the best ABM strategies. Our experienced team will help develop your teams along with providing support for your ongoing campaigns. Moreover, we can help write your business plan or develop a content marketing strategy. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can help your business grow.


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