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Develop agile business growth strategies though implementing improved management systems and digital sales channels for clients and partners.

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Training and Consultation

The Magnitude Management team is lead by John Jacobs MBA, tech entrepreneur and consultant for major Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Jacobs has personally built dozens of companies from the ground up. Moreover, he has a reputation for implementing practical management models that consider the real world complexities of doing business in the digital age.

In our management specialty areas, we focus on traditional business development, internal controls, and process improvement. Furthermore, Magnitude supports emerging technologies, digital sales channels and technical processes.

Business Management Services

Early Stage Business Management Support Services

Early Stage Business Management Support

Magnitude means business growth. With decades of experience as founders, entrepreneurs and business owners, we take a total business approach to establishing new ventures and launching products. Our leadership team lead by John Jacobs and Tony Ford has worked with hundreds of startups.

Business Types

We consult with non-profit organizations and on government projects for a variety of industries. We understand first hand the nuances of startups, the regulations you’ll face. Likewise, we understand the legal requirements associated with employees and partnerships. Also, we’ve raised capital through traditional and crowdfunding methods. For early-stage ventures we offer a variety of administrative support services. These services are essential to getting off to a strong start.

Market Growth Business Management Support
Growth Support

Market Growth Business Management Support

We work with established organizations most often as an outsourced administrative support contractor. We provide human resources, accounting, bookkeeping, and business contracting support. Often outsourcing these type of services will represent significant savings and ensure continuity of services over hiring employees for sensitive tasks. Moreover, our team is regularly brought in to support business expansions, new product launches and growth initiatives as business and messaging consultants.

Professional Services

We are experienced in a wide range of professional services with a diverse staff and network of consultants. Our team members are from the medical, tech, digital, film, media, engineering, outdoor, travel, human resources, defense, and non-profit industries.

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Highly Recommended

"John is a very capable businessman who looks at things from a high level, and gets great results. I have watched him build multiple successful businesses over the last decade and have always appreciated his insight."

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