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Develop agile business growth strategies though implementing improved management systems and digital sales channels for clients and partners.

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Magnitude Management provides production assistance services in partnership with Evan Grae Davis Productions, Monsoon Productions and a network of film producers. We handle all aspects of budgeting, planning, logistics, script development, pre production coordination, post production, contract accounting and asset management.

Production Services

Drive Narrative

Film and Media Production Services That Drive Narrative

Branded content and rich streaming media are among the best mediums for sharing your story. Your customer wants to be entertained, educated or informed when interacting with your brand. With a flood of reviews and recommendations sites your potential customers know nearly everything about you.

A bad reputation online will destroy an organization and ignoring negative sentiment is no longer an option. Millenials, the largest earning block in the U.S. workforce shop with companies that are socially responsible. Influencing the perception of your brand requires that you be out in front of your customer with a carefully crafted message. Creating a lifestyle brand requires total business buy-in. We change narratives and drive the right conversations about your brand.

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Creativity and Work Ethic

"John is very insightful and always diligent in his work. You'll find his creativity and work ethic unmatched. I recommend his team on any project that requires higher level thinking, strategy, and execution."

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