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Develop agile business growth strategies though implementing improved management systems and digital sales channels for clients and partners.

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A digital strategy is required to be competitive in nearly every business sector now. Our technology services can help you adapt as quickly as your competitors with the correct application of emerging technology. If you’ve been considering a digital strategy that helps put your business in front of more local and regional customers but don’t know where to start, then we can help. If you’re already using online sales channels our team can increase your reach and help improve conversions with intelligent data driven solutions.

Our team members understand all aspects of business and are experienced in implementing the latest systems to quickly improve efficiency and drive down costs across departments. We’re more than just consultants that offer advice and insight on what to do, we also help implement real world solutions that actually make a measurable difference to your profitability.

Technology Services

Multi Channel Funnel Optimization Digital Marketing Google-Analytics-flow
Channel Optimization

Digital Campaign Multi Channel Optimization

The fundamentals of business and marketing are the same as they’ve been for thousands of years. Value exchange and positioning are still the underlying principles however the technology that we now use to support commerce has rapidly evolved to be mobile based and data driven. Your customer expects that your product will find them when they need it and be delivered quickly.

To be successful competing in the new economy you must be able to segment your customer base based on interests and behaviors and efficiently engage each cohort with custom messaging and exclusive offers. Pulling customer to your website and through to your cart is a blend of data and psychology. We are experts in driving down the cost per conversion and improving engagement with your target audience.

Mobile-First Design - We use our phones to network
Mobile First

App and Mobile First Web Development

Social and mobile commerce is quickly becoming the standard in ecommerce as customers spend an increasing amount of time on mobile phones, notebooks and tablets.

Your website has to compete for visits in a sea of technology that has captivated the attention of your audience. Is your messaging getting through the noise and on the phone of your user? Your customer expects the convenience of push notifications, alerts, and reminders about your products and offerings. They expect that you will deliver Amazon level service and convenience and do not care if you don’t also have fortune 500 budgets. Let us help you tackle your mobile first and app engagement solution.

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"The team over at Magnitude Management did an incredible job on our website !! They assisted from start to finish, and their turnaround time was exceptional! Every request and question was answered in a timely manner. They provided solutions and recommendations that were in our best interests and that best suited our needs ! We will continue to use Magnitude Management for the foreseeable future! Thank you John and Dylan for your services."

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