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Point of Sale - Paying with our phones is part of our lives

Point of Sale

Magnitude is a Tucson web design, SEO, and SEM company. Our services include internet marketing strategies, PPC, point of sale, email marketing, graphic design, mobile app development, e-commerce, SMM, and website hosting.

What is Point of Sale?

A point of sale or POS is the place where the customer pays for your product or service. Sales points can be physical, such as physical stores, or virtual, accessed via computer or mobile devices. Furthermore, in the business world, there are many types of points of sale. For instance, a restaurant and a retailer have different needs. Therefore their POS systems will be designed differently.

Point of sale - The classic cash register needs an update

The classic cash register needs an update

Because POS is the only place in a shop where customers can pay for what they want, it plays an essential role in the selling process. Additionally, the placement, ease of use, design, and features can influence the flux of customers and affect buying decisions. Moreover, it is the same in the online environment. Whether it is a t-shirt or hardware shop, facilitating and optimizing the check out process can mean a lot for your business.

Why should you have a point of sale for your business?

All businesses that aspire to grow and improve customer experience should consider having a POS system. Among others, it can put together tools that allow a company to pull up extensive reports, helps eliminate human error, and reduce costs. Also, there are many other benefits associated with making your products accessible and easy to buy. Here is a short list of what a good POS can do for your business.

Point of sale - Paying with our phones is part of our lives

Paying with phones is a part of our lives

Secure your place in the future

The founder and CEO of Sezzle, a digital payments platform, predicts that in five years “e-commerce payments will make up over 50% of payments in the USA.” More and more people expect to be able to pay with their phones because it is easy to use, quick, and doesn’t require handling cash. Considering that the trend will continue to grow, POS systems where customers pay with their phones are a must in today’s world.

Increase profits

POS systems allow you to make faster transactions, cut costs, and increase the range of payment capabilities. Regardless of the size of your business, you want to make the most of your time. Also, a great point of sale system can help you have shorter lines, less cash register employees, and an increase in customer flux.

Better planning

POS systems can pull up detailed reports about your business. Whether it is how much sales you had in a day or your labor costs, POS reporting can show what’s going on with just a few clicks. These numbers can help you improve your scheduling, ordering, and even give you an idea about future sales.

Point of sale - Reports can help make better plans

Reports can help make better plans

Why should you use our services for your next project?

Running a business without a well designed POS system can be difficult. That’s why we at Magnitude help you design and implement your own point of sale. We are more than media and marketing. Our business development team led by Tony Ford can help improve your customer’s experience. Contact us today and book a free consultation so we can talk about the details of your next project.


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