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Understanding market dynamics with lead generation and data mining

Lead Generation and Data Mining

Magnitude is a full-service digital marketing agency with a goal to help our clients and partners navigate the dynamic new economy. Hence, we suggest data-driven growth strategies that outperform traditional marketing, customer support and business practices. Our services include lead generation and data mining, SEM, SMM, and email marketing.

What is Lead Generation and Data Mining?

A lead is your potential customer, one who has shown interest in what your company offers. However, when it comes to online marketing, your customer has to complete a specific action to be counted as a lead. In other words, they need to fill out a form on your web site with their contact information. In return, they receive free content like articles, videos, newsletters, and the like.

Generating leads includes searching for the best leads online. Firstly, your company can do it by increasing its online presence through social media, blogs, referrals, newsletters, and webinars.  And secondly, you can generate leads with data mining.

Understanding market dynamics with lead generation and data mining

You can generate leads through online media tools or data mining

Data mining is an essential tool that allows a company to gather info from various web sources. Moreover, by using it, you can learn about market dynamics to “understand what is relevant and then make good use of that information.” Hence, this technique is useful in promoting your business and generating leads.

What can you do to generate leads better?

Lead generation and data mining are great when you search for the best leads on the web. The variety of data available on the market trends and research lets you better understand your customer and their needs. Hence, the more quality data you gather, the more quality leads you can generate. However, besides data mining tools and techniques, here are some tips on how you can generate leads better.

Think about your lead goal

For some companies, leads are not only about making a sale. For example, they might want to expand their reach, learn more about their existing customers, or promote an event. Knowing what a significant lead is for your business means it will be easy for you to target specific audiences.

Achieving the goal of lead generation and data mining

What is your version of a successful lead?

Not all leads are created equal

Lead generation and data mining is not an easy task. It would be best if you were looking for quality leads only, as irrelevant leads will not benefit your company. For example, if you want to offer web development services to a company, but they have their own developers in-house, such lead will be of no help. Hence, if you take time to decide which leads you don’t want, you can set up specific parameters to avoid them.

Get into your customers’ shoes

Try to stop for a moment and think like your potential customer. For example, if you were looking for your company’s product or service, how would you prefer to learn more about it? Would you want to subscribe to a newsletter, get a free catalog, speak to an agent via live chat, or leave your contact info and wait for an email reply? Get for a moment into your customers’ shoes and tailor your lead generation method to their needs more precisely.

Lead generation and data mining are great tools for your business

Analyze your target audience and define great leads

How can we help you with your next project?

Generating leads is not an easy task, which is why it’s more efficient for your company to use the services of a management agency. Magnitude means business growth. We believe that to thrive in mobile based and social commerce companies must adapt and iterate quickly. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can help your company grow.


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