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AMPs improve your website performance - Accelerated mobile pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Magnitude is a Tucson brand marketing, public relations, and media agency. Our services include ad campaigns, web content creation, SEM, SEO, accelerated mobile pages, progressive web apps, and voice search.

What are Accelerated Mobile Pages?

In today’s busy environment, people like to get access to the things they want in a timely manner, and Internet in particular is one of those things. As a result, we live in a world where “47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.” Which means that if your website doesn’t load fast enough, people will leave it and move on to a different one. And, when your web pages don’t load fast enough in mobile browsers, you can use accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) to solve this problem.

AMPs improve your website performance - Accelerated mobile pages

AMPs improve your website performance

AMPs is actually a project from Google, designed to improve web performance across multiple devices and fast delivery of content. Their goal was for a web page to have the same code loading instantly on desktops, laptops, mobiles, tablets, and so on. Consequently, AMPs went on to become HTML pages without unnecessary elements of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Although the idea is not a perfect solution, it still works great for website owners who want faster loading speeds.

A few reasons why you should use AMPs for your website

Many websites don’t use the right optimization tools, which results in conversion loss and cart abandonment. Using AMPs offers to solve the problems of the online store owners. Here are just a few reasons why you should start using AMPs for your website.

Load faster

People won’t have the patience to wait a while until your web page loads. Instead, they will find a website that loads faster and browse it instead. AMPs can prevent that from happening, since these pages normally load in under a second. As a result, you’ll keep your audience engaged and have more chances to see visitors convert into customers.

Don't make your visitors wait - Accelerated mobile pages

Don’t make your visitors wait

Save time

Creating a website takes a lot of time and effort, as you build and design a landing page, product pages, checkout pages, policies, blogs, and have to take care of many more aspects. Then, you’ll need to optimize your website to work on mobile or tablet. On the other hand, with AMPs, you’ll be using the same code and distribute it across platforms. It will work for mobile just as well as for desktop.

Increase profits

If you are looking to improve your brand image and increase your profits, you need to speed up your website. With AMPs, you can give your users a seamless experience of browsing your store without interruptions or delays. Consequently, this will improve customer experience and ultimately increase your profits.

Happy visitors convert into customers - Accelerated mobile pages

Happy visitors convert into customers

How can we help you with your next project?

Using AMPs can bring many benefits for your company, and that’s why we are here to help implement your vision. We Think Total Business. Socially responsible businesses are growing more quickly than ever before with increased customer transparency. Brand perception, reputation management, customer reviews, and customer empowerment are at the heart of sales conversions and ultimately your success. Contact us today to schedule a free brand consultation.


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