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Progressive Web Apps

Magnitude is a full service digital marketing agency with experience in e-commerce, public relations and new media. Our services include paid search, SEO, display ads, SMM, video marketing, web content creation, and progressive web apps.

What are Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive web apps are new technology designed to make web apps perform in a way similar to native apps. To improve user experience, the developers enhance web apps with additional features. This way, “they’ll also work in older browsers that don’t support the new features, but will work better and with more features in modern browsers.” Moreover, depending on an app, it can come with a desktop shortcut, home screen button, and the ability to work offline and receive push notifications.

Progressive web apps take the best from mobile apps

A progressive web app takes the best from mobile apps

Web apps offer many advantages compared to conventional mobile apps. For example, now users won’t have to download and install the app, but they can run it right away from their browser or desktop. Because of increasing mobile usage, people choose to install apps instead of browsing web sites. However, a progressive app still allows the user to enjoy the benefits of mobile apps, and that’s why some suggest that they will only become more popular.

Why should you use progressive web apps for your business?

Although progressive apps are quite new, many companies already use them to their advantage. Compared to web software or mobile apps, web apps perform better and offer more engaging user experience. If you are not using web apps for your business yet, here are a few reasons why you should start now.

They don’t need an app store

Platforms like Google Play or App Store outline certain requirements for the apps to be published in their stores. With web apps, you will avoid this step and simply host your app on a web server. As a result, you’ll save your company time and money and will start getting your profits sooner without having to wait for approval from an app store.

Your users won't have to download an app from a store - Progressive web apps

Your users won’t have to download an app from a store

They run faster

Web apps have many features that allow them to perform like a website, thus making them a faster option for your business. Great performance improves user experience and increases your conversion rates. Moreover, keeping your customers happy with your app also leads to improved customer loyalty and retention.

They run offline

Unlike a web site which won’t run unless you have a stable Internet connection, a web app will run just as well offline. Important features of the apps are cached automatically, so your users can access all info from their previous visits. However, if they try to reach a new page, an offline message will show instead.

Unlike web sites, progressive web apps run offline

Unlike a web site, a progressive web app runs offline

How can we help you with your next project?

Building a progressive web is a breeze with the right tools and expertise. Magnitude is here to help your project succeed. Our objective is to help our clients and partners navigate the dynamic new economy. In particular, we achieve that with the use of AI, machine learning technologies, chat bots, and data-driven growth strategies. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can help your business grow.


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