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Magnitude is a Tucson web design, SEO, and SEM company. Our services include PPC, Graphic Design, Mobile App Development, e-Commerce, SMM, and Web Content Creation. Besides, our experienced social media team creates content around your messaging and helps manage social channels.

What is E-Commerce?

E-commerce, short for electronic commerce, is a business model that allows businesses or individuals to sell their products or services on the web. This business trend is not slowing down at all. On the contrary, it’s growing at rapid speeds with more and more companies bringing their stores to the web. Unlike a physical retail location, an online store stays open 24/7, so customers can shop for their products at any time of the day.

E-commerce saves your customers time and money

Shopping online saves your customers time and money

For customers, shopping at online stores is very beneficial. Firstly, they no longer have to drive to get to your store and can shop their favorite brands from the comfort of their own homes. Secondly, having an online store allows companies to offer more products which might not be in stock at their physical locations. Besides, many retailers offer free shipping on their products within the US, which only adds to savings on time and gas money.

How can an online store benefit your business?

You can offer so much more to your customers by taking your store to the web. Your company also benefits from an online presence and gains valuable data about your consumers. Here are just a few benefits of having an online store for your business.

Increase traffic

With so many people today browsing the web and shopping online, your business absolutely must have a website for its products and services. By creating an online store, you will gain more exposure to the market and drive both existing customers and new buyers to your store. Moreover, having a website allows you to run free and paid ad campaigns to increase traffic further.

E-commerce stores are popular with online shoppers

Online shoppers browse the web to find their desired products and services

Automate tasks

With a physical store, you have to take care of operational tasks by yourself, for example, managing inventory. However, a well-built online store has features that allow its owner to automate specific functions to make the job of managing inventory easier. With that, the system not only saves you time but the money on operating costs.

Measure progress

As a store owner or manager, you probably don’t know who the majority of your customers are. Furthermore, what times of the day they shop the most? What products are the most popular at your store? So even if you do know all of that, this knowledge is not based on actual data. On the other hand, with an online store, you’ll have access to the insights about your customers’ buying habits.

E-commerce brings shoppers online

Gather valuable insights about your customers

Why should you choose our services for your e-commerce project?

Building your e-commerce business from scratch or creating an online store for your existing company is difficult, but not impossible. That’s why Magnitude is there to help your business. We work with select partners to grow online sales channels through strategic marketing initiatives. Moreover, we consult with hundreds of Tucson based brands on web commerce, media creation, design and marketing projects.


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