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Test your marketing materials - Sales funnel optimization

Sales Funnel Optimization

Magnitude is a full service digital marketing agency with experience in e-commerce, public relations and new media. We work with select partners to grow online sales channels. Moreover, we consult with hundreds of Tucson based brands on sales funnel optimization, abandoned cart recapture, and email marketing.

What is Sales Funnel Optimization?

Brands need sales funnels to guide their customers through buying process. In other words, sales funnel is “the path website visitors take on the way to buying your product or service.” Many people remain at the start and never reach the stage where they actually buy your product. However your brand has a lot of influence over how many people will actually get to the end and make a purchase.

Sales funnel optimization

How many people will buy your product?

While every sales funnel is different, there are four steps that all of them have in common. Firstly, you’ll create awareness about your brand by using marketing efforts. Secondly, you will generate leads by offering your visitors something of value in return for their email address. Thirdly, you’ll be reaching out to your existing leads with offers and loyalty programs, so that, finally, your brand generates sales.

A few tips for effective sales funnel optimization

Many people think that the work stops after creating a sales funnel and capturing a user’s email address. However, there is always a lot of room for improving and tweaking your tactics to make your sales funnel generate more sales. Thus, here are a few tips for effective sales funnel optimization.

Test your content

Valuable content means different things to different people. As a result, you should always be testing and tweaking your landing page, email content, and content on any other platform you use for marketing. A good way to do that is by using A/B testing, where you compare marketing materials and determine which ones generate more conversions.

Test your marketing materials - Sales funnel optimization

Test your marketing materials

Track progress

If you decide to test your content, make sure to track your progress. Which landing page worked better? How many more email addresses did it manage to capture? By analyzing these aspects, you will track your progress and will be able to strengthen weak areas of your sales funnel.

Use call to action

A strong call to action combined with great content and valuable product makes people want to buy. Whether you simply want your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, or you want them to follow a link to buy your product, make your call to action visible with smart word choice and use of design tools.

Use call to action buttons - Sales funnel optimization

Use call to action buttons

Why should you work with us on your next project?

Optimizing your sales funnel can do wonders for your company’s bottom line. That’s why Magnitude is here to guide you through it. We believe that to thrive in mobile based and social commerce companies must adapt and iterate quickly. Moreover, we understand the urgency of now and pride ourselves on rapid execution and adaptation. Contact us today to schedule your free brand consultation.


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