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Deciding on a startup support organization

Startup Support

Magnitude is a Tucson brand marketing, public relations, and interactive agency. Our services include startup support, advertising campaigns, website content development, and social media destination marketing solutions in both digital and print. We Think Total Business. We believe that to thrive in mobile based and social commerce companies must adapt and iterate quickly. Moreover, we understand the urgency of now and pride ourselves on rapid execution and adaptation.

What is Startup Support?

Startup support is the help a business idea can receive for it to succeed in today’s competitive market. When you are just starting, your business has a lot of needs to reach its first milestone. For example, think services like business plan writing, business development, commercial strategy, traditional and alternative finance, and financial activities. It’s a great idea to use the services of a management agency at this initial step to help you when you are just starting.

Going further, there are organizations for startup support called business incubators. They provide the tools together with the expertise required to succeed in the market. They can help a startup with networking, establishing relationships, offer accommodations, options, tools, and even capital. And while any business incubator can help a startup, some will be more helpful than others.

Researching for a startup support business incubator

Searching for a business incubator

Tips to help you find a business incubator

When it comes to choosing a business incubator, “It’s your job to figure out not only which one is best, but also which one is best for you.” While in the ’80s there were only around 12 business incubators, today the market is overflowing with options. Unfortunately, the wide variety of choice also comes with the necessity of finding the right one for each startup. That’s why we put together a list of tips that can help you navigate the world of startup support.

Choose wisely

Find out everything you can about each business incubator you come across. Check if the resources and services they provide fit the needs of your business plan. Additionally, check if it will be necessary to relocate and if the place you would have to transfer will be right for the future development of your business.

Deciding on a startup support organization

Choosing the best business incubator

More research

Every organization should have a list of businesses they worked with. Try to contact each of them and ask for details about the way the process evolved. Although their experience will not adequately reflect your own, you can at least make sure you have an idea of the way they work.

Build your tribe

For most business incubators the team comes before the idea. Build an active group of people with sets of skills that can help you achieve your goals. You need to have a crew that can solve any obstacle because your business has a lot of growth to do. Many things will change, and you must be prepared to support the change and follow through.

Building the best team

Building the best team for startup support

Know your worth

Think about how much you are willing to give. Again, do your research. See how much others offer. Know your limit and what you are ready to concede. And finally, keep in mind that being accepted at the wrong business incubator can be worse than not being accepted at all.

Why you should use our services to support your startup?

Breaking into the small business world is difficult, but we are here to guide you through it. If you have a startup or an idea you believe in, we can help you take it one step closer to success. Our experienced professionals can also write your business plan or develop your advertising campaign and marketing materials. Contact us to schedule an appointment, and we can talk about the details of your journey.


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