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Vision Statement - Take every aspect of your business into consideration

Vision Statements

Magnitude Media is a Marketing and Advertising company with offices in Tucson, Phoenix, and LA California. We specialize in mission statements, vision statements, digital advertising, campaign management, paid search, SEO, startup support, SMM, and review monitoring.

What are Vision Statements?

If mission statements drive the company, vision statements give the company direction. A vision statement can be defined as a road map which promotes growth internally as well as externally. Among other benefits, a well-thought vision can stimulate innovation, change, and instill purpose. So finally, vision helps to define what the company wishes to become.

Vision Statement - Take every aspect of your business into consideration

Take every aspect of your business into consideration

Furthermore, a great vision statement can be used to inspire strategic plans, marketing campaigns, define the long term and short term goals, and motivate employees. Besides, a vision statement is a relevant element of your business spearheading the direction of its development. Additionally, it can serve as a challenge the company wishes to tackle.

A few tips on writing great vision statements

Every company needs a compelling vision statement to help it grow and set objectives. Besides, the vision guides the company and gives it purpose on its way to success. Also, having your vision laid out contributes to your company’s performance. So lastly, it gives you the ability to turn your ideas and hopes for the future into a clear message. Here we have a few tips to help you create a great vision statement.

Align your vision statement with your values

If you want to write a great vision statement, “align it with your business values and goals.” This statement will be used for anything from marketing campaigns, flyers, posters, emails, contracts, and more. So, it would be best if you made sure that your stated vision matches your actions. For example, don’t write about how much you value customer care if that is not one of the core values of your company.

Vision Statement - What are your core values?

What are your core values?

Think about the future

Once you start writing your vision statement, project the place where you want the company to be in 5-10 years from now. Admittedly, it can be more than that, but the best vision statements focus on a specific period. You can think of it as an ideal status quo for your company on the market. Don’t be afraid to think big. After all, you believe in your business, don’t you?

Keep it short and clear

You need a vision that distills all your hopes and dreams for the future but is at the same time clear, simple, and concise. Of course, it is not easy to write a great statement with just a few words, but try at least not to go over the two sentences mark. Take a pen and paper and put all your ideas down. It doesn’t have to be perfect from the start, but it has to be easy to read, ambitious, and inspiring.

Vision Statement - Keep it short and clear and you will achieve success

Keep it short and clear and you will achieve success

Why you should choose us to help with your vision statements?

We Think Total Business. Socially responsible businesses are growing more quickly than ever before with increased customer transparency into your business. Brand perception, reputation management, mission, and vision statements, customer reviews and customer empowerment are at the heart of sales conversions and ultimately your success. Contact us to set up a free consultation where we can talk about the details of your project.


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