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Identify your metrics in KPI development

KPI Development

Magnitude is a digital marketing agency with experience in public relations and new media. However, we’re more than just media and marketing. Our strategic business development team led by Tony Ford can help identify areas to improve at the root of your customer experience. Moreover, we can help with KPI Development for your business.

What is KPI Development?

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are a type of business metrics a company uses to “gauge its performance over time.” For example, if your business is making a profit, it’s a clear indicator of its performance. However, to understand why your company is making that profit, you’ll need to identify KPIs. As such, these will reflect production, sales, marketing, and all other factors that can affect your company’s profit.

The goal of KPI development is to increase profit

How to make a quality list of KPIs to increase profit?

KPIs differ between industries. However, all of them work to increase the profit margin of your business. Moreover, the majority of the brands’ metrics are related to reducing costs, improving revenues, or increasing customer satisfaction.

Helpful tips for listing your KPIs

It’s not an easy task to create a high-quality list of business metrics. As a result, functional experts work together with managers to determine the right set of KPIs and their role. To help you out, we’ve decided to list a few tips to use when you identify the key metrics and KPIs for your company.

Look for things you can change

There’s no point for you to measure different factors unless you can learn and manage the driver behind the metric. Moreover, you should be able to change the results and the outcome of your KPIs. Look for the metrics that you can improve.

KPI Development strategies

Diversify your business metrics for a full picture

Diversify your KPIs

Make sure to diversify your metrics and include KPIs from many categories. For example, you can list financial and non-financial factors. However, there are a few KPIs that are must-haves in any report, such as team and HR performance, economic, and growth metrics.

Align your KPIs with your business strategy

First, identify your business objectives. Secondly, align your business metrics with your plan. The goals of your business strategy can be achieved through many efforts, so your metrics will track the efficiency and outcome of your initiatives.

Simplify your metrics

Do your homework and write as detailed of a report as possible. However, we all know that business jargon can get complicated. Write down your parameters in such a way that every report user and every member of your team can understand what they mean. Be clear and concise.

Identify your metrics in KPI development

What are the most important metrics for your business?

How can we help you with your KPIs?

Many brands don’t know which KPIs and metrics they should monitor to improve their insights. That’s why Magnitude offers services in KPI Development so that you always know about the areas of your company that need extra work. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation so we can begin working on your next project.


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