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Database design on the laptop

Database Design

Magnitude Media is a marketing and ad agency with offices in Tucson, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. We specialize in database design, social media, multi media, and video production. Moreover, we help our clients and partners navigate the dynamic new economy.

What is Database Design?

Database Design is the way you organize data. When you create a database, you must plan it carefully. The designer makes sure that it is efficient, secure, functions fast, and meets specific needs. Additionally, the designer organizes it using a model that indicates the way the database stores and uses data.

Database design on the laptop

Creating an efficient database to fulfill your project needs

Moreover, the design of the database has to be tailored to the needs of each company. Even though the steps brands follow don’t differ much, the result must be efficient. Along with that, a good database designer has to make sure that the result is logical using normalization procedures and the definition of integrity rules. This way, the database is appropriately connected and non-redundant.

How to design a good database?

When you create a database, ask a few questions about the needs and purpose it has to meet. Furthermore, make sure you don’t waste any space and avoid errors by dividing your info into subject-based tables. Also, try to provide clear information and a lot of detail, so that when you pull up reports, it is complete and accurate. Finally, answer these three questions to ensure the success of your database.

Database design source code

Creating database design starts with code

What is the purpose of your database?

“The first step of database design is to know the purpose of the database.” Write a short paragraph where you highlight the needs and demands of your company. Try to understand how each user would use the database and make notes. Whenever you need to make a decision, go back to that list and make sure you stay on track.

How do you organize the information?

After making a list of the info you need organize, try to write a detailed report that could be pulled out of your database. While you do this, you can notice what items need to be separated. Keep the info in separate bits to help its use on the database. Also, make your database more versatile by thinking about the questions you want it to answer.

Old-fashioned database design

How to organize all the info in your database.

Any specific details I need to pay attention to?

While you divide info into tables, choose the main subjects and record each fact only once. When you store info into columns, make sure to select all the relevant info and separate each section accordingly. If it makes sense on its own, it can be divided. Last but not least, specify primary keys, as this will help identify the info accurately (think Social Security Number, employee ID, etc.).

Why should you choose us for your next project?

If you are looking for a management agency to work on the design for your next database project, Magnitude Management provides just the right services for you. Offering experience in web design, web content creation, and marketing, we look forward to working with you. Schedule your free consultation today.


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