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Reaching the audience through web or social media with communications planning

Communications Planning

Magnitude is a marketing and advertising agency with offices in Tucson, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. We believe that to thrive in mobile based markets companies must adapt quickly. Thus, we offer services in communications planning, digital strategy, and business plans.

What is Communications Planning?

A good communications plan outlines the way your business delivers a message to your target audience. It is a vital part of your business strategy which you can use to connect with your customers. This plan also helpful when your company introduces a new product or service. Without it, the message you send to the target audience is likely to remain unclear.

Sending a clear message with communications planning

How do you send a clear and concise message to your target audience?

Although it takes time to write a good plan, it will pay off with the benefits for your business. Firstly, a great plan will help clarify the goals and objectives of your company. Secondly, it will define the role of each staff member in every stage of the communications process. So finally, after evaluation, you will be able to identify and improve weak areas of your company’s communication.

How do you write a communications plan for your business?

Think about your communications plan in terms of three words: objectives, audience, strategies. Of course, there is more to planning besides defining these aspects. However, they give you a great starting point for your plan and will help moving forward. Let’s look at each of those in detail.


First, define the objectives of your plan. As such, these are the results you want to achieve with your campaign. For example, they can include creating a useful product or service, improving employee teamwork, increasing the company’s visibility, or inspiring customer loyalty. By defining all of these goals, you will have a clear idea of the desired result.

Communications planning for achieving goals and objectives of your business

What goals are you hoping to achieve through communications?


Next, define your audience. This does not only include your customers but any people your business will come in contact with. As such, these are company members, competitors, related industries, legal entities, and media. This stage of the process helps you define the content of the messages you send and whom you send them to.


Now that you know your goals and target audiences, it is time to think about how you are going to achieve your goals. Consider products, services, or programs you are going to use to reach your business objectives. Moreover, identify the print and digital media you will use, such as banners, flyers, web content, and social media.

Reaching the audience through web or social media with communications planning

What tools are you going to use to reach your target audience?

How can we help turn your next project into success?

Magnitude knows that clear and concise communication can decide the future of your company. Hence, our experienced team would like to help take your business to the next level. Schedule your free brand consultation today and let’s discuss how we will work together.

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