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Public Relations Planning - Putting everything together

Public Relations Planning

Magnitude is a Tucson brand marketing, public relations, and interactive agency. We specialize in public relations planning, mission statements, vision statements, paid search, SEO, startup support, SMM, and review monitoring.

What is Public Relations Planning?

According to the Public Relations Society of America, “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” When you do PR, you are in the business of convincing people that your company has value. Whether it is in your town or located elsewhere, outside of your sphere of influence, using PR planning can convince people to promote your business, buy your products, services, and offer support.

PR Planning - Brainstorming

Brainstorming for your public relations plan

Above all, public relations planning is about telling stories. A good PR agency must know how to tell great stories. Furthermore, these stories can build your reputation, create a good image, and spread positive feelings about what the company does. So lastly, stories can even make the difference between a crisis and a dodged bullet.

How to develop a successful public relations plan?

Every business needs good PR to make its public aware of its presence on the market. Whether it is the launch of a new product, entering a new market, or just increasing awareness to boost sales. Finally, whatever the case, through good PR planning companies can manage the perception of the general public. If you plan to make the most of your PR campaigns, here are a few tips to guide you through.

Public Relations Planning - Putting everything together

Putting everything together for your PR plan

Own your business

The development of a successful PR plan starts with knowing what your company does best and what it needs to improve. For instance, you can meet with the members of senior leadership, seek professional advice, and start building a plan based on that. Additionally, you can do some research and see what your competition does, as this will help you better understand what your company needs.

Reach the right people

Define your audience based on what you are selling. This is a crucial step in the success of your PR plan. Who is it you want to reach? Find your market segment and target the right people. This way, you make sure you don’t invest money in promoting your product or service to the wrong audience.

Public Relations Planning - Audience

Define your audience

Choose your fighting ground

Now that you know whom you are targeting, narrow down on where to find them. Hence, choose your channels based on your audience’s age, profession, location, preferences, and other vital elements research suggests. Then, create a set of tactics that will help shape their perception. Decide based on what you think are the best ways to make your audience pay attention.

Why should you choose us to help with public relations planning?

We think total business. Socially responsible companies are growing more quickly than ever before with increased customer transparency. Brand perception, public relations planning, reputation management, mission, and vision statements, and customer reviews are at the heart of sales conversions and ultimately your success. Contact us to set up a free consultation where we can talk about the details of your project.

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