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Motion graphics is animated graphics

Motion Graphics

Magnitude is a full service digital marketing agency with experience in e-commerce, public relations and new media. We work with select partners to grow online sales channels and offer services in video, storyboards, shot lists, and motion graphics.

What are Motion Graphics?

When it comes to storytelling through video, it is not just one element that attracts the viewer’s attention. Instead, it is all different parts of the story coming together. Because motion graphics combine elements of design, motion, and sound, they might be mistaken for animation. However, there is a difference in that “motion graphics is animation, but with text as a major component. Essentially, it’s animated graphic design.”

Motion graphics is animated graphics

Motion graphics are animated graphics

Video is becoming increasingly popular in recent years, and motion graphics, in particular, bring unique ways of storytelling to the table. These short animated videos are typically between 30 seconds and 3 minutes long, yet during that time they manage to tell a story to the viewers. Moreover, they range in difficulty, from simple animated graphics to complex techniques such as 360-degree storytelling.

A few tips on creating great motion graphics

If you want to use motion graphics for your next project, there are a few things you should keep in mind before starting on the task. Besides having a strong script and detailed storyboards, you will need to have a clear plan each member of your team can follow, so that all of you are on the same page and working hard toward achieving your goal. Read on for some helpful ideas.

Tell your story

A motion graphic is not a live-action or two-hour film. However, it still has to tell a story, and just like any other video that tells a story, it needs to have a good script. Thus, ask yourself about your audience and what you want them to learn from the experience of watching your motion graphic. Ask yourself what messages and feelings you want to convey and write down your story.

Start with a script - motion graphics

Start with a script

Create storyboards

During the storyboard phase, you’ll need to visualize different elements of your story and put them down on a whiteboard. Always speak to your team members and ask them for help or advice, because this way you’ll receive new ideas and techniques to make your motion graphic better. Later, these storyboards will become your designs, so focus on making them the right way.

Design and animate

At this step, think about your design choices and make sure to get the designs done precisely the way you want them since they will go into your final product. As a result, when you get to the animation stage, the ideas and their execution will be apparent to all of your team members. Decide on animation style, sound effects, timing, and music for your motion graphic. So finally, complete the video to get the result that makes you proud.

Create your designs before animation - motion graphics

Create your designs before animation

Why should you work with us on your next project?

Great motion graphics are at the heart of movie intros and brand content, but you need creatives and resources to design them. That’s why Magnitude is here to help. We believe that telling your story begins with high-quality media. Thus, we work with clients on video production, documentary film, storyboards, and shot lists. Moreover, we produce commercial media assets for successful marketing campaigns. Contact us today and let’s discuss the details of your journey.

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