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Branded Content Creation

Magnitude’s mission is to tell your brand story authentically and excitingly. Our storytelling experts know how to craft unique content that will appeal to your target audience. We are creative, and we know how important a compelling narrative and great visuals. Therefore, we help your business stand out with top-notch Branded Content Creation services.

What is Branded Content Creation?

In today’s online environment, it’s not always enough to have an excellent physical product if you don’t know how to promote it. In the past, a retail store was all you needed to sell your product or service. Now, your brand needs an online presence to succeed. Unique content tailored to your brand is your way of having a conversation with your audience. Hence, you inform your viewers about your product through great storytelling.

Magnitude works with brands to create fantastic content to make sure your brand is above the competition. Moreover, we believe that content is king, focusing our efforts on informative text, excellent visuals, and compelling video.

Branded Content Creation for website

Branded content attracts visitors to your website or blog

The must-haves of branded content creation

Content that engages and informs your visitors helps you cut through the noise of other brands. As a result, high-quality content aimed at your audience is the goal of Magnitude’s branded content creation strategy. However, when it comes to content, what types will attract the most traffic to your business? Find out here.

Website content

Of course, the best way to show off your brand online is a website. That’s where you inform your visitors about what exactly your brand does. However, for the site to attract an audience, you need to have significant and informative content. How does your brand benefit from good web content? By improving your search ranking, driving organic traffic, and increasing conversions. It’s not enough to stuff your website with keywords. You need to know your target audience and tailor content to their interests.

Branded Content Creation of a website/blog

Branded Content Creation for a website


People don’t write blogs for their personal use only anymore. A blog has become such a versatile tool that anyone can create and promote it. Today is the time of bloggers, so having a blog is a massive advantage for your business. Placing a blog on your website helps to attract organic traffic and improve your brand’s visibility.
Moreover, it increases quality traffic to your site, creating long-term relationships with your customers. Besides, it also attracts backlinks. How good is that?

Social media posts

In a world with 3.196 billion social media users, with Facebook taking the lead, staying on trend pays off. Consequently, great social media content with appealing visuals, quality videos, and useful text is precisely what you need to thrive on social platforms. Branded content creation for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and other social media is a sure way to generate more traffic to your site and convert your viewers into buyers.

Facebook Branded Content Creation

Facebook is a leading social media platform


Last but not least, quality Video Production is a great storytelling technique that will help your audience understand your products or services better. First, both long and short videos work great, from a brief Snapchat story to a lengthy Documentary Production. Second, videos work well on their own, but they can also add to any other content you have. Moreover, viewers are more likely to enjoy and share a video than plain text to spread a message about your brand.

How can we help you with Branded Content Creation?

We believe that to thrive in mobile based and social commerce companies must adapt and iterate quickly. Moreover, we understand the overwhelming urgency of now and pride ourselves on rapid execution and adaptation. Are you ready to take your business to the next level? We would like to hear from you. Schedule your free brand consultation today.

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