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Many people choose to watch movies using digital platforms - distribution, film

Distribution, Film

Magnitude is a Tucson brand marketing, public relations, and interactive agency. We believe that telling your story begins with high quality media. That’s why we offer services in production, directing, casting, and distribution, film.

What is Distribution, Film?

When it comes to film distribution, you are looking at a “commercial process that makes a feature film available to the general public.” This stage of the film making process follows post production and is taken care of by film distributors. In particular, the distributors determine marketing strategies, media channels where movie will be available, and release date of the film, among other things.

Many people choose to watch movies using digital platforms - distribution, film

Many people choose to watch movies using digital platforms

Years ago, movies ran in theaters for up to a year before becoming unavailable to public. However, today people prefer to watch movies at home, as not many can afford to go to theaters every time a new movie comes out. That’s why the ways of distribution have changed as well. Now, companies only run movies for a couple of months before making them available on DVDs and online. Moreover, some of them even release films in theaters and on digital platforms at the same time.

A few tips on film distribution

While you can always hire someone to do film distribution for you, it’s still good to know some basics about the craft. Film makers who achieve success usually start their distribution plan in the pre production stage, while there are some who do it even before they have the script. Consider these tips to help you successfully distribute your movie.

Do a theatrical release

You need to run your movie in theaters, but it’s very costly. Why do it then at all? Simply because theatrical releases generate responses from critics in all major media across the country. As a result, your film becomes more widely known and more likely to offset possible theatrical losses with the profits you gain from other windows.

Release your movie in theaters; Distribution, Film

Release your movie in theaters

Prepare for split rights deals

It’s very unlikely that after seeing your movie a distribution company will purchase the movie rights for all media channels. Today, more common are split rights deals, where companies approach you for every media deal separately or leave that aspect to the producer.

Avoid large companies

While many might think that it’s a blessing to have your film be taken care of by a large distribution company, it’s not actually as simple as it sounds. All these companies worry about is their ROI, which is why they will make any changes to the movie that will help them maximize profits. In case you want your film to remain as it is, make it clear in the contract. Otherwise, the finished product might not be quite the same as your vision.

Make your movie available to the audience through distribution, film

Make your movie available to the audience

Why should you work with us on your next project?

Without proper distribution strategy, your film won’t reach the audience you deserve. That’s why Magnitude is here to help. We work with clients to develop and film documentaries and commercial media assets for successful marketing campaigns. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can help your film become a success.


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