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Behind every digital strategy is a business strategy

Digital Strategy

Magnitude Media is a Tucson web design, SEO, and advertising agency. Our services include digital strategy, social media, web content creation, and multi media production. Moreover, we believe that telling your story begins with high quality media. Consequently, we work with clients to develop media assets that contribute to successful marketing campaigns.

What is Digital Strategy?

With the rise of social media and the Internet, many brands turned their efforts to digital ads. As a result, many talk about digital strategy, but not all know how to define the term. To put it simply, it is a plan of business goals to be achieved through digital efforts.

Digital or not, business strategy has always been present in the work of the brands. Moreover, the switch of ads to digital didn’t erase the findings of years of market research and insights. Instead, the background info on business strategy is behind the digital success of today’s businesses.

Behind every digital strategy is a business strategy

Behind every brand’s digital success is a strong business strategy

When your brand starts the switch to digital media, it’s tempting to overuse it. Unfortunately, many brands jump on the tech trend wagon without assessing the latest tech’s benefits for their product image. If there is no strong business strategy behind marketing based on “buzzwords,” it will not succeed in the long run.

What to include in your digital strategy?

The base for your digital market strategy is the basic business model of your brand. Since you can’t isolate the use of digital media by your company, you have to look at how a business runs as a whole. Define what your brand aspires to be. To explain that, let’s take the “3P” process of every business strategy and add one more element, platform.

Creating a digital strategy for a brand

Brainstorming ideas on the business strategy for a new brand


Digital work doesn’t appear by itself. Instead, many people and teams work on different parts of the strategy. Think design, marketing, content, web development, and so on. Hence, people play a significant role in the creation of your brand strategy.


In this part of your business strategy, you will set goals and objectives for the people who work on it. Define what the specialists can do for the project. Moreover, think about how they will integrate their work with other teams. As a result, you’ll have a more well-rounded strategy.


If your business already has a great product, that’s perfect. If not, it is time to think about the value you’d like to bring to the market. First, select a product that reflects your beliefs and objectives. So second, do thorough research on your target audience to tailor your further steps accordingly.


After you have defined your objectives and chose people or teams to complete them, consider the digital platforms they’ll need. Most importantly, avoid falling for technology buzz and focus on your brand values. Depending on your goals, it can be WordPress blogs, social media, websites, or VR applications. Choose the platforms that will best promote your product and its value.

Using social media in your digital strategy

Choosing a social media platform to promote your business

Why should you choose our services for your Digital Strategy project?

There are so many things to keep track of in creating a digital strategy. It’s best to hire a management agency that can help you design and combine the elements of your business strategy. Magnitude is a full-service digital marketing agency with offices in Tucson, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.
We look forward to speaking with you about your project needs. Schedule your free consultation with us today.


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