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Aerial Photography – Drone

Magnitude is a full service digital marketing agency. We specialize in Aerial Photography – Drone, Story telling, Digital Ads, and Video Marketing. With offices in Tucson, Phoenix, and Los Angeles, we believe that telling your story begins with high quality media. As a result, our team creates content around your brand identity and helps to manage your media channels.

What is Aerial Photography – Drone?

Aerial Photography – Drone is a special type of photography people use to capture the nature and events from above. The sky view, together with the chance to control the distance and angle of the shot make this technique unique. Thanks to these factors and the exciting results it can produce, aerial photography using drones is a must for brands that look for great visual content.

Aerial photography - drone photo of a bridge

Aerial photograph of a bridge

Aerial photography is relatively new, but drones are the most common devices used for it. Additionally, besides their use in the video industry, they appear in such fields as agriculture, military, journalism, and sports (drone racing). In fact, drone creation is an industry that keeps innovating. For instance, a few companies have already created drones that can use smart modes such as auto-pilot and avoiding obstacles.

Why should you use drone photography for your business?

From the first pictures taken from a hot air balloon to the military drones used for spying, aerial photography has always been stunning. Drones are in the spotlight for a reason. Taking aerial photos with drones can make all the difference. They offer the possibility to compel and entertain. They can change perspectives and provide insight and at the same time deliver quality shots and videos. In the end, that’s precisely what drones were created to do for us.

Aerial photography - drone

A man holding a drone ready for shooting

How can you use a drone for aerial photography?

While not all brands will benefit from Aerial Photography – Drone, the beautiful images can enhance your website or social media pages. Below are a few ways how you can use drones in your business.

Feature sports and events

If you organize a concert or a sports event, a drone can be an excellent tool for your overall brand strategy. It can help your social media content become viral by attracting a new audience. At the same time, it will offer your viewers a unique perspective of what you are doing.

Advertise your resort or hotel

For resort and hotel owners, drone photos are particularly useful. Shooting the nature and wildlife from above offers the travelers a great view of what to expect from their destination. Not surprisingly, “luxury hotels and resort chains have been among the first to use drones.” All in all, taking great pictures around your hotel or resort with a drone will appeal to your visitors and help attract traffic to your website or Instagram.

Wow your audience

If you feature video content on your brand website, why not take this one step further and use a drone for your videos? Aerial views are sure to give your audience the “wow” factor others lack. However, make sure to check the laws on drone video use for business. We can take care of that for you.

Aerial photography - drone landscape photograhy

Aerial photograph of a landscape

How can we manage your Aerial Photography – Drone project?

If you are not planning to post all your photo and video content as aerial views from now on, it probably doesn’t make sense to invest in a drone. So, hiring a digital marketing agency seems like the way to go. Magnitude offers professional services in drone photography. We would like to hear about your project needs. Schedule a free consultation today.


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