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Branded Documentary Production

Magnitude is a Tucson brand marketing, branded documentary production, and public relations agency. We believe that telling your story begins with high-quality media. Moreover, we work with clients to develop and film brand videos and produce promo content. Furthermore, it is our goal to help your business create great marketing campaigns.

What is Branded Documentary Production?

In the past, saying the word “documentary” would make you yawn. However, after smartphones, the Internet, and social media have become popular, docs returned in a new form. They attracted brands with an artistic approach to storytelling and fueled a new marketing effort, which is brand documentaries..

Filming of Branded Documentary Production

Filming the footage for a brand documentary

Brand docs are short and honest video stories that appeal to viewers. They take them right into the story about other customers’ experiences. Moreover, they engagingly show the product or service. By using these video stories, you can attract new customers without directly “selling” your product to them.

Magnitude Media has a unique approach to branded documentary production. We help you create stories that not only appeal to your viewers but also capture your brand’s identity. As a result, we make your business stand out by helping you create a different type of content than people expect.

Benefits of using brand video for your business

Many large brands turn to video for their marketing efforts, as a third of all online activity is related to watching a video. Is it worth it to use your resources and start making videos for your brand? By all means, it is. Not only because large brands are doing it, but because it will help your business. Here are a few benefits of using branded documentary production.

Editing a branded documentary production project

Editing a brand documentary footage

Brand videos boost sales

Many websites see their conversions increase if they add a video on their landing page. Moreover, some studies found that people who watch brand product videos are more likely to buy the product itself. If we think about it, the power of video makes sense. Ordinarily, our brains mostly receive visuals, and that’s where the science behind video impact comes from.

Brand videos build trust

Building trust with your viewers will surely boost your sales. However, it should be the goal of your brand on its own. For example, if you create close relations with your customers, it will improve your brand loyalty. Let the people come to you by sharing useful info with them through your branded documentary production.

Brand videos work well on smart phones

Videos and smartphones go hand in hand. Moreover, the number of smartphone users keeps growing every year, and so does your video audience. Offer high-quality content to your viewers and make your website mobile-friendly, so people can enjoy watching your brand videos on their smartphone.

Role of smartphones in Branded Documentary Production

People using their smart phones to watch videos on-the-go

Why should you choose Magnitude Media for your branded documentary production?

A brand video is a great tool to reach your target audience. Although, brands don’t usually invest in complex video projects. Why? Because they don’t have the creative talent for film making. That’s where we come to play. Magnitude Media is a digital marketing agency offering services in Video, Multimedia, and Documentary film making. We help you convey a strong message to your viewers through great content. Contact us today – we would like to learn more about your project.

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