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360 Video Production photo of Aurora Borealis

360 Video Production

Magnitude Media is a digital marketing agency offering such services as Story Telling, Digital Marketing, Web Content Development, and 360 Video Production. Our company knows how important it is to have a great brand story to tell, so we partner with businesses to create the best content possible. Moreover, we collaborate with select partners to grow online sales channels for your brand.

What is 360 Video Production?

While a video lets people watch something they like, a 360-degree video invites people into the scene filmed. By definition, it’s a video “recorded in all directions, giving you a complete 360-degree view.” For brands, it’s a great way to promote their product, because such video immerses the viewer into the scene. When it comes to Magnitude and 360 Video Production, we will see your video project from start to finish.

360 Video Production photo of Aurora Borealis

360-degree photo of Aurora Borealis

At the start, we will get to know your brand and decide on the strategy for 360 Video. We’ll prepare the location and shoot the 360 footage and record audio with the latest techniques and cameras. Then, our skilled video team members will stitch the parts together until the final product exceeds your expectations. After the editing is done, you’ll choose how to share your experience, and we’ll make it happen.

How can your brand use 360 Video Production for social media marketing?

There are many strategies you can apply to social media marketing with 360 videos. Thanks to the sense of presence a 360 video can achieve with its viewers, it’s more effective than a video shot from one perspective. While it might not be as immersive as VR, it is more accessible and affordable. Let’s look at the most common uses of 360 video production in social media marketing.

360 Video Production for social media marketing

Placing a 360 video on your social media will work great with visual platforms like YouTube or Instagram

Show your product or service

Brands widely use 360-degree videos to show their product to the viewers. Moreover, this strategy works great because people can learn more about how your brand makes the product it sells. For example, Nescafe was one of the first companies to create a 360-degree ad where it shows how they collect coffee beans. If you add other promo efforts to the mix, you can have a great branding strategy.

Promote tourism

What can make a better 360 video than a beautiful location? Nothing really comes to mind. That’s why 360-degree videos are a big hit with tourism businesses. Airlines, hotels, tourism agencies – all of these can make a great ad with a 360 video production. Just show them not only the destination, but what it feels like to travel there, and see your viewers convert.

360 Video Production for tourism

360-degree photograph of a mountain view to attract tourists to the destination

Invite to events

When people learn about an event coming up, they want to see pictures of what they can expect there. Then, what is a better way to show them than a 360 video? In fact, the first ever 360 video on YouTube was for one of the largest music festivals in the world, Tomorrowland. Add a 360 video to the event’s Facebook page and attract your audience with a new and creative format.

Why should you choose us for your 360 Video Production?

Our skilled team members at Magnitude want to help you with your next brand video. Our 360 video production format brings you so close to reality, thanks to our techniques that allow us to record things as they happen. As a result, we create an immersive experience to make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action.


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