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Develop agile business growth strategies though implementing improved management systems and digital sales channels for clients and partners.

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Where Have My Customers Gone?

Have you heard the term digital strategy or e-commerce but thought maybe it didn’t apply to your business? Have you noticed your competitors tapping into the billions of dollars of commerce occurring in cyberspace while you work harder each day to maintain your revenue with shrinking profits?

Maybe you’ve heard that social media and social commerce is the biggest shift in the way humans conduct business that has ever occurred, but you’re not sure how to navigate this incredibly complicated digital business environment or even where to start with social media for your business. Our Social Media Workshops are a no nonsense hands on program created for business leaders that just don’t have time to mess around.

In this fast paced workshop we’re going to demystify social media, social commerce and e-commerce, claim your brand on the top social channels and get right to the core of what you need to do to survive and compete for business online. You’ll work directly with John Jacobs, Founder and CEO of an international online community and marketplace with tens of thousands of online merchants, millions of users and a leader in digital commerce.

John Jacobs holds an MBA in ecommerce and international business, has founded and operated dozens of services, technical and product based businesses from digital to brick and mortar and works with government agencies and area businesses to capture the attention of customers / users with engaging social strategies that support organizational objectives and engage customers where they spend hours of time every day: their phones (mobile devices).

You’ll graduate this workshop with the confidence to move forward in the digital age, the ability to standardized your social presence on the social media channels and understand how to engage potential customers.



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